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José Luis Torres

Photo credit: Adam Kuzik

Artist statement

José Luis Torres was born in Argentina and has a Bachelor's Degree in visual arts, a Master's Degree in sculpture and training in architecture and integrating art with architecture. He has been living and working in Quebec since 2003.

His work has been showcased in many solo and group exhibitions, in public interventions and artist residencies in Canada, Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Europe.


In my work, I attempt to stimulate the relationship between location, my pieces and the individual experiencing it. My body of works, which are mainly in the form of sculpture, are essentially motivated by the possibility of diverting the senses and simple manipulation to everyday objects and recycled materials from our domestic environments. 

In most cases, my work is made during my movements and travels and not really in the studio, which I regard rather like a receptacle where the sum of all the things I collects is to be found. 

The strategies I use when approaching the use of space play an important role in my creative process. My pieces are frequently spontaneous configurations, in the form of site-specific installations and ephemeral interventions with architectural aspects. Throughout the constructions, notions of sculpture and architecture are melded together.  

Spectators are invited to look, explore and experience the physical work of art which is life sized. 

The goal of my constructions, accumulative, viral and invasive, is not the form but rather the action of giving form to a use or a situation. The dialogue established between the location and the piece of work directly influences the configuration of my constructions, which are sometimes created without sketches or plans, the choice of materials and their proportion. 

Beyond their sometimes-rudimentary aspect, my works touch on the notion of the memories of a location, a building and the inhabitants. Some of my projects also integrate the public in in their production. 

“Make do with” is one of my artistic needs as well as being one of the principles of my artistic approach. Each is piece is anchored in a reflection on the phenomenon of coexistence with the elements, each element changing to form different environments and permanent evolution.  Progressive constructions and “de-constructions” that explore the ways in which we occupy space. 

Through focusing on the formal and symbolic value of an object, my projects propose a series of experiences where the specific aspects of the location, architectural, cultural and social, are intrinsically linked.