Géographies informelles, solo exhibition, Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury, Ontario - Canada (2009)

"An informal spatial reconfiguration traces the irregular contours of a spontaneous landscape".

In his “informal geography” project, José Luis Torres provides us with a glimpse into his nomadic experience. Growing up in Argentina, Torres was already alternating between two quite distinct spaces: his family life in a rural setting and his student life in an urban setting. Later, as a young immigrant to Canada, he often travelled due to his research, his touring exhibitions and his trips back to his native country.

Relating to another culture, finding ways to associate with it, building a space inside another space… such preoccupations are at the heart of this artist’s work. His creations stand somewhere in between the formal landscapes of urban architecture and the precarious, informal spaces of shanty towns.

In Sudbury, the GNO will serve as the formal space that harbours the artist’s informal landscape. Upon entering the gallery, the spectator will proceed from the peripheral space to the work’s central space, from the outside to the inside of the artist’s landscape.

“This work provides imagination with a refuge, a welcoming land.”