De l'horizontal au vertical (From Horizontal to Vertical), Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 2017.

In Ontario, the artist created the exhibition De l'horizontal au vertical at the Karsh-Masson Gallery in Ottawa, from May to June 11 2017. “De l'horizontal au vertical (From Horizontal to Vertical) provides José Luis Torres with an opportunity to fill the Karsh-Masson Gallery with his personal vision and produce a newly imagined environment. The reconfigured gallery displays both the process and the result of an exercise in cartography whereby the artist maps his own reality. His way of occupying space; his approach to the transformation, presentation and manipulation of objects; even the materials he works with are all important markers of his artistic universe. After all, although site-specific art provides a clearer window into an artist’s thought process, thereby supporting a more faithful representation of reality, this reality remains steeped in subjectivity.”, writes Céline Le Merlus in the catalogue of the exhibition.